Boho At The Stair


It’s a TGIS again and last weekend for the month of May, too soon but it’s true. Summer has been good to us and give us warmth (Maybe exaggerated for a little, but when the cold season blew us we will mis the scorching heat once more). I myself it’s not fond of the heat, I will choose soaked in water with rain than to get dark skin under the sun, but it’s really cool and very easy to be fashionable in summer because you can experiment different colors and style breaking is included. I did enjoy my summer get up this season, and for a while it will be missed and sooner or later i’ll be using my neon and bright color outfits in the middle of the cold weather. I’m not quite good in layering and using cover ups for rainy season, but I know i’ll learn and know what exact pieces will fit on me.

But for now I have a week to play with summer colors, so let’s rock and nail it! Fo today’s outfit post, i’ll be using my new accessory which I used from my recent post. I’ve been lurking for fedora hat since the summer season started but I always forget to buy one, specially when were in boracay and I forgot to mention it to my friends who goes there too. But as you can see I have one now, and it’s not to late to use it for my summer outfits!

DSC_0132One of my friend once said to me that people who wears hats and caps wanted to hide their messy hair and doesn’t want to fix it so they use hat or cap as an accessory. Sometimes that myth says true and not, cause wearing caps and hats specially to celebrity hides their face from the paparazzi. Most hollywood celebs use it so the media won’t seem to acknowledge them, but for a time hats and caps can be a good accessory specially in summer. Big hats, fedora and other hair cover to protect your face from the sun is the main purpose thats why it was made. Boys usually wears caps, specially for the sporty ones.
DSC_0135While other stars want to wear hats to cover their faces from paparazzi, me I wanted to wear a hat because I want them to acknowledge me (Ahem! I’m here! Kidding aside though). Fedora hats became in specially from the artists/celebrities who uses it, Jason Mraz owns the fedora hat style and other famous stars too. Fedora is made of felt and most likely worn by men (Thanks to Wikipedia for the info). But nowadays fedora is used by women’s too, specially those who wants to feel boho and want to have a country style.
DSC_0136For my look of the day, I wanted to achieve that boho with my twist in fashion. If your a follower of this blog you must probably know that I love colors and mind you different colors in one look. So to achieve the laid back boho, I just used basic apparel. A shirt, floral shorts (So still be in summer) and a pair of sneakers plus the fedora hat (I used to call it “fadora” just for fun!). Very basic yet with a twist of blairful’s style.
DSC_0137|Zara Top||Landmark Shorts||Kultura Hat||Forever 21 Earrings|
DSC_0138What do you think did I achieve the boho blairful style? I’m loving my fadora hat, it’s very stylish and chic, even though you pair it up with a basic top and shorts plus slippers and your sunnies not to forget then your ready to go!
DSC_0143|Keds Shoes||Penshoppe Sunnies|
DSC_0154|Bench Time Watch||Aldo Ring||Avon Bracelet|DSC_0144More emote, more fun! Pardon my model much poses, I just couldn’t help it! lolsDSC_0147 DSC_0148This outfit is very timely for a usual day with your friends or family, strolling around the metro and enjoying the view of the streets. Well what do you think of my boho theme for today? Hope you liked it and special thanks to the stairs for my background, I wanted to feel like boy next door so I used it for my background theme. Thats it for today, enjoy your weekend folks!

xo, Blairful!

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