I’m The Only Girl


Today I’m about to share to you my only girl inspired look. As my blog name says “Unica Hija Fasyon” this explains that I’m the only girl in our family hence the sisters that I have from another father. Needless to say I’m the youngest/eldest for my father, enough with the family hierarchy and let’s move on with my post.

I love dressing up and in our family no one tries to wear striking color outfits, and neon bombard look. Sometimes my mom used to dress up “bagets” but she’s into striking colors like I do but we have the same taste in fashion plus where else can I get my fashion related genes if it wasn’t for her cool sense of fashion. My mom is one of the person I ask if my look is okay or not, she’ll suggest what apparel would it match plus she knows every clothing that I have. If something is missing she knows it than I do, so if I have brand new clothes my mom will the first person to know. (I can’t hide things from her special the ones in my closet).

DSC_0020Heres a fact: I love dressing up, breaking the rules in fashion (If there were any), and all fashion related topic because I once dream and still dreaming of becoming a model. But of course I got that dream thanks to my blog and the support of family, friends and most specially my readers. Who knew that little piggy way back grade school and dark toned girl will be looking like this now. Even I never thought of me achieving my ‘now’ look, (okay maybe I over exaggerated with my thoughts and my dream was to look like a victorias secret model!). But of course there’s no smooth way from what my look was before from now. (Let’s say thanks to the papaya’s soap, salt scrub, hair treatments and the fabulous fashion trends).
Even our relatives down from my cousins to our friends, we have different styles. But I’m the only one whose really into fashion, we all dress up nice and all but they don’t dare to wear 5 inch heels and neon colorful clothes because they’re scared to be the one who will be teased and topic of conversation. Or maybe because I like attention and all thats why I’m used with their side comments and compliments/bullying when it comes to my outfits.
DSC_0022I’m not saying I achieved a perfect looking body and face, but it’s what I wanted before compare to my not so pretty look way back my teenage years. Thanks to new technologies that we have and all my efforts were worth it. I took several hours in the bathroom with my regimens from head to toe, trying different beauty products. The bully kids in our place triggered me to push myself to look better and show them that they are wrong. The best way to treat the bully ones is that you show them that they are wrong and you don’t need to prove anything, be happy with what you are and give them the biggest smile on your face, for sure they will be pissed off. Bullying starts from people who wants attention and doesn’t have confidence in their own. DSC_0024|Unica Hija Dress|DSC_0027For my family I will be the prettiest and most celebrity looking, only from their perspective. Thats why I love my family. lols
DSC_0032 DSC_0034 DSC_0036-001Do what makes you happy in spite what other people may say, it’s your life and theirs so you keep going on specially if your on the right track. You and only yourself can make a difference, but not to forget the reason behind all this glorious technologies, fashion and life that we have our almighty GOD.
DSC_0037I was once a shy person and lacks confidence, but I can say that I improved a lot. No need for proof cause my blog says it all that I’m no shy type person, but I gain all of this strength thanks to the ones who bullied me before and to the people whose been always there who believed in me.
DSC_0041I tried to fit in with the IT Girls around our campus way back high school, but sometimes fitting in is the hardest part specially when you know that you don’t really belong. It was a struggle for me to gain the confidence that I have now, all the rejection, laughs, teasing part that I went through was difficult. All of us gone to different phases in life wherein we push ourselves to the limits just to pass the old living that we have. But it’s part of the history now so don’t fret about it cause we all learned and matured in different ways.DSC_0045|Unica Hija Bag|DSC_0053Stand proud of what you become, you made a difference even it’s a tiny little thing. I know I’m far away from my dream and to those I look up to, but I’m getting their in my own way:)
DSC_0063We just need to go with the flow of life, continue living and make every single day as if it’s the last.DSC_0080|Aldo Ring||Superb Bazaar Bangles||Bench Time Watch|DSC_0085|Kultura Hat||Forever 21 Necklace & Earrings|DSC_0089One last thing that you need to keep in mind, looking back on your way because you will not be the person that you are right now if it weren’t from your past. Be humble and stay your feet on the ground, cause we are once no one and we may end up being that no one again if we put too much weight on our head (you know what I mean).

Lastly: What makes me the ONLY GIRL?

I’m the only girl in the family who dresses like there’s no tomorrow, dares to wear neon and killer heels plus the only one who spends two hours in the bathroom. Sometimes spoiled but well-loved, changes several outfits in one day just like celebrities do just for fun and it makes me feel good. And most of all the only one who has the cutest/tiniest voice in the family which makes them entertained and I stands out:)

How about you? What makes you the only girl? Share it out and be that only girl.

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xo, Blairful!

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