Meet My New Girlfriends


I’m back again, did you miss me? Well if not sorry for bugging you today again with my outfit post. I’m back in town actually still in the province but near the town already, and I took a break from social media for a couple days so I wasn’t able to have my blog entry yesterday. Nonetheless I’m back with today’s entry.

A few days back reminiscing my summer class, I was able to have outfit shots in between so I maximized my spare time and instead of grabbing lunch at school I ate at home so I’ll have time for my blogger duties. Sometimes I squeeze in 3 outfit shots in just an hour if it’s really necessary and if I can’t have my outfits taken the next day. It sounds ridiculous to some of you but I don’t have events to attend to so I just wear and shoot my outfit so I can share it to you. Talk about dedication and effort, but it’s part of me now and i’m enjoying it:) So if you see me change outfits in one day it’s a normal thing (My mom would always tell me that I’m acting like a celebrity who keeps on changing outfits in one day, but it’s fun though so never mind my mom’s joke/sermon!). lols

DSC_0071Now you know my little secret in blogging, i’m gonna share to you my fashion “tipid” tips. ‘Tipid’ means saving a greater value of money and paying lesser than what you expect. I don’t usually buy stuffs from second stores specially on clothes cause I’ve been scared of the myth that when you buy clothes from “ukay-ukay” or second hand stores and the owner of that apparel you bought is dead already he/she might hunt you back so I’ve been scared to buy plus the local movie “segunda mano” make my myth much real so it’s a big no no for me. So instead I go to bazaars and places wherein the price is for wholesale and bargain. I can buy a lot of stuffs with the amount of P1,000 and it feels like your holding a $100 instead when you go to malls which the prices are higher you’ll end up buying 1-2 apparel in that amount specially if it’s not sale. So try out places which fashion stuffs are much affordable and in with your budget.
DSC_0078|Mia Casa Connector Ring||Bench Time Watch||Forever 21 Bangle and Earrings|

I would prefer Divisoria and Baclaran, but don’t expect it like it’s a mall with fully air conditioned and much cozy. Because bargain and deals will be a place for people who wants what you’re also looking for. So expect packed of people and messy sorting area. But I promise you it’s worth the effort to walk on streets and look for the right pieces in hours specially when you’re on a tight budget like me. Don’t be ashamed to go to bargain shops because you’ll find treasure in their. Recently my mom went to baclaran and bought some pieces that worth our penny.DSC_0073Look at this legging guess what is the price for these? If you look closely you might rob ably think I bough it inside the mall with brands but honestly the real price is $1.50/P50.00. If you will buy it on the shopping mall it would probably cost you P200-300.00 and compare it you can have 5-6 pieces of leggings with the same quality. You just need to be patient in finding the perfect pieces.DSC_0079The top that I’m wearing is P199.00 at the mall so it’s such a steal also, it’s about luck and effort in looking for the cute pieces with an affordable price.DSC_0072-002|SM GTW Top||Baclaran Leggings||The Red Pumps Shoes|DSC_0082For my look of the day, it’s a basic top and leggings combo. I wanted to achieve the walking outfit that I can pull off wearing high heels that won’t give me pain while walking for hours plus won’t give me sweat in the intense heat. This street style ensemble is so me cause the colors are splashing everywhere. I love color combinations, thankfully the colors didn’t collided.DSC_0084And lastly if you’re wondering about my title, let me introduce you to my new girlfriends. What I love this top is that they have girl prints, I’m obsessed with tops which have faces and body figured print so I took the chance to have it plus the fabric is comfortable so didn’t hesitate in buying it. Well that’s it for my post for today, it’s raining so hard again be safe everyone! Hope you were entertained with my topic for today:)

xo, Blairful!

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