Photo Diary: Post Mom’s Day


For today’s post gonna share my photo diary of our little celebration for mother’s day last week. My sister got discounted coupons to one of the buffet restaurants here in the country, I’m not fond of buffet meals cause I don’t eat much specially full meals so it’s my first time to try. But my sister said that they didn’t offer only rice meals, they most likely have chinese cuisine and japanese foods, they have the desert and snack area. So if your not into big meals like I do, will stick on the desert and snack bar.

We celebrated mom’s day of course on a day which is holiday so we will be complete. Election day was the day for us to have a family time. The coupons was supposed to be used for my sister birthday but since our schedule was a bit hectic, it was moved from march to may. So it was my sister post birthday and mothers day combined in one.

DSC_0052The coupon is only available in selected branch, so we opted to go to the nearest branch from my sisters house SM Masinag is the place to be. The coupon was not supposed to be used in holidays but the election day was an exception. The place was pack. One of the crew was teasing me that I got tired from voting thats why my plate was full. lols
DSC_0054Raw foods, or the so called kimchi. I don’t like the taste of the first kimchi that I tried so I didn’t bother to take some. Spot my mom whose going gaga with the feast of foods (take note she’s just been into a stomach problem a day before this but she’s still digging for foods).
DSC_0057I love their presentation of buffet, it’s very different to other buffet set up that we usually see in hotels because it’s a restaurant and thats one of their way to attract customers.DSC_0062Spot the dessert bar. I wanted to dig in on the yummy desert, but I need to eat a meal first.
DSC_0067Raw food section, one thing that is good about yakimix is that they have a selection of foods wherein you can cook it by yourself, of course it has been marinated and ready to cook. But it’s a nice thing that you are the one who grills it.DSC_0066Seafood galore. The fish and other sea creatures for health conscious people who doesn’t like meat.
DSC_0065Okay another glimpse on the dessert bar. I can’t take off my eyes from them.
DSC_0070Some appetizers, i love their salsa thats why I finished the nachos before my meal first.
DSC_0075The sushi bar, i love sushi it’s a two in one food. You have a rice and viand in one, plus you can be full by having four to six sushi.
More asian cuisine. It’s a great place specially if you’re bored with typical meals that you can see on other restaurants, plus they have so many meals to choose from so you won’t get tired of trying every single piece. DSC_0081Of course they have their fruit and salad bar for people who doesn’t want to get fat (like me, but still eats sweets!).DSC_0082 DSC_0085My mom is spotted while taking some veggies, and one of the crew photo bombed her. Too cute!DSC_0087See my mom is having a minimal set of foods cause she’s still in medication, good thing we still continue our celebration and glad she’s okay.DSC_0095Cooking time. Some of the foods that we grilled.DSC_0096Spot my plate, it was a bad decision of getting rice cause I got full with tasting all the viands and I wasn’t alb to eat the rice and pandit, good thing someone ate it for me:)DSC_0113My sister and her family.DSC_0116Cassie was amazed with what she saw, she just wowed with every food that she sees.
DSC_0128The mom’s whose celebrated the special day.Β DSC_0132The girlies in the family, too bad my other sister wasn’t in the photo cause she’s miles away from us.
DSC_0141 DSC_0142desert time! There are so many to choose from, I enjoyed it because I love sweets!DSC_0144I tasted everything, specially the blueberries.Β DSC_0145 DSC_0150 DSC_0152My family:)DSC_0154spotted some baked scallops after having desert, so I grabbed them all cause they’re my favorite.DSC_0188Cassie found a new daddy/playmate, she’s very close to boys.
DSC_0194Very healthy conscious plate. lolsDSC_0214Family photo, too bad the crew wasn’t able to take a good quality photo. Let’s just pardon this one.DSC_0218The prices, go try it so you can taste it for yourselves.DSC_0219My mom is a fashionista too, like mother like daughter.DSC_0221My mom with my niece julia.
DSC_0222Happy mom’s day mom, love you a bunch!DSC_0225Too bad weren’t complete.DSC_0227The photo bombers!DSC_0229Thanks to yakimix for giving us a happy tummy and a nice meal. We did enjoy our food, plus the ambiance was relaxing. Now my perception with buffet changed, I love to try different cuisine thanks for bringing us to different countries with your food. My family enjoyed the special day, thanks to my mom who loves us unconditionally even there are times when I’m a pain in the ass. To my loving sister whose now I can talk with the latest trend in everything i love ate, sorry for dragging you to places wherein your credit card swipes it out. To my loving family whose always their for me, ups & downs and whatever trial their maybe family will still be the one who will be their for you. Well heres the end of my post for the day, hope you enjoyed it. Did you hear your tummy growl or you got hungry while reading this post, grab a food and try a buffet restaurant:)

xo, Blairful!

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