Make Your Own Havaianas 2013


Last Labor Day May 1, I was invited to the pre-selling/private event of Havaianas for your Make Your Own pair. Of course as a Havaianotico, it’s a privilege to be invited cause the public event will start after it. So you’ll get to have first dibs on this years Make Your Own Havaians. Last year I was also invited and I was accompanied by my sister from another mister Regina. And last wednesday Regina and I went to Rockwell Tent to customize our pair of slippers.

I wasn’t expecting that the number of participants this year was packed, last year though were quite few so when we arrive we went straight to the assemblers and just an hour we’re finish. But this year entering the tent had a line also, it’s like the public event but the line was moving fast so we got the chance to get in easy. And what’s good about this years Private Selling is the freebies from the sponsors of Havaianas.

DSC_0091 DSC_0092 DSC_0093 While waiting for our registration and line to get in, they have some free drinks from jamba juice and free doughnuts from krispy creme (Bongga!).DSC_0094For this year theme, Havaianas wanted the public to be involved with the design of the brand. Last year The Smile Operation gave a chance to kids to design their pairs, and whoever wins the design contest will made to a real flip flops. You + Havaianas gives a chance to havaianotico’s all over the Philippines to design their own flip flops.DSC_0096There is a on site booth wherein you can design your sole with only 5 different colors. I choose to design bold colors, and with my favorite heart design.
DSC_0108I insisted REg to do her design too, cause when you design you will get a free limited edition pin that you can put on your MYOH pair. Cool right?DSC_0111Regina modeling our designs, she’s too shy to get a picture with her design so she pose with mine too.
DSC_0112I’m so proud of my artsy work, i love heart designs so thats why I choose it. Plus summer colors gives my foot a whiter effect. lols
DSC_0113I love the theme this year, cause the people can now be part of the Havaianas history. The chosen design will be made to reality and will be sold on stores. Cool beans! I don’t expect my pair to be chosen cause I’ve seen a lot of nice designs and all havaianoticos have an artistic side.DSC_0116My tag was lost before we entering the tent, more photo ops with my MYOH buddy. Thanks to the assembler who took this photo.
DSC_0117More flip flops to come in your way! I love how they transformed rockwell tent, they made a lot of improvement from last year. I can say this is the most grand and amazing MYOH so far.
DSC_0119 The pin selection this year. They focused on the embellishments, and they didn’t include the letters for this years MYOH pins.
DSC_0123The line up of soles this year, is quite similar last year. Of course the commemorative pair differs, but the top and slim styles are almost the same last year. Many colors to choose from, the selection focus on the happy colors and the pins are more likely playful.
DSC_0125The MYOH pairs starts at P895.00 for the basic top, P945 for the slim sole and metallic straps. While the commemorative pair costs P995.00 with any strap design aside from the slim strap. While the pins ranges from P100-150.00.
DSC_0130As I said on my recent blog about the MYOH 2013, Dan Matutina designed the commemorative pair for this years line up. He’s a local illustrator and as you can notice on his design it’s more artsy compare to previous commemorative pairs.
DSC_0132 DSC_0133Have you choose what pair do you want to make? I bet you cannot resist to choose only one pair, when I first join MYOH last 2010 I couldn’t help but to but more than one and not just two. It’s fun to mix and match specially with the colors and variety of strap soles that you cannot find on the Havaianas store.
DSC_0134I wish I could take home some of these pairs, more colors more fun!
DSC_0136Cute artsy Havaianas flowers. They’re so creative this year, and they have lots of events that Havaianotico’s can participate with.DSC_0137This will welcome you when you enter the tent, glow in the dark artsy Havaianas. The foyer wherein you will wait for a minute so you can go on to the assemblers booth.
DSC_0143I love glow in the dark pairs, they’re so cool and you can still see your flip flops even at night.
Finally when we entered rockwell tent, packed of people welcomed us. I thought the line of havaianas lover was over, but they doubled and tripled when we got inside.
DSC_0157I was choosing what strap will I match up my commemorative pair. Of course I choose metallic strap cause I got a few metallic pairs.
DSC_0158After choosing your mix and match soles, straps and pins. You will go to the assemblers booth, choose if you’re making a single pair or multiple pairs. DSC_0171 DSC_0175More photo ops while waiting for my turn. Thank goodness I resist on buying just one pair, or else my wallet will go home empty again. Or maybe I thought I have lots of MYOH mix and match design so I was not tempted to buy more than one.
DSC_0176Everyone was busy watching their pairs came to reality. It was fun watching your pairs assembled right at you, plus you can change the straps or soles if you don’t want your first choice. Make sure your pins wasn’t pinned yet.DSC_0188And finally it’s my turn! The line was so fast, so I was able to make my own design assembled. I choose the gold rose metallic strap for my commemorative pair, enough with neons let’s try metallic ones.
DSC_0193Only two pins for me this year, most of my pairs with lots of pins have been turned already. DSC_0206Meet my assembler kit-kat, she’s so nice and even suggested the gold rose strap rather than the amethyst.DSC_0215Regina bought her boyfriend a pair too, I’m not quite impressed with the match but it’s not me whose gonna wear it (Mind my own business! lols).
DSC_0220Kit-kat assemble Regina’s pair too, she choose the gray sole and amethyst strap. This pair cost only P895 without pins yet.
DSC_0223I would like to thank our assembler Kit-Kat for making our pairs come to life, we enjoyed the event as always because of the friendly staffs.
DSC_0224Look whose happy with her own pair. I really waited for this event, and finally I have my own MYOH commemorative pair. Can’t wait for next year (spell excited!). lols
DSC_0225Every year I got the chance to spot celebrities in MYOH, and this year I was able to see Giselle “G Tongi” in person. She’s so gorgeous and I love her hair. Do you think I can pull it off with that hair color? hhmmmmDSC_0226Do we look like sisters? lols. She was there with her family, the kids enjoyed picking their own strap and sole colors. It’s really a good event for family specially cause you can bond together and make your own pairs.
DSC_0227Many people go gaga with their choices, some hoarded some pairs and make use of the limited pairs. Before they have a maximum allowable pairs to be sold per person but I think they allowed as many pairs as you want. Yay!DSC_0231The havaianas hot air balloon was their too, remember it was placed at The Fort Taguig and now it’s Rockwell tent! The line for the cashier was too long, so we opted to have more photo ops!
DSC_0240So proud of myself because I took this photo, I’m improving as a photographer. Before I get annoyed if I capture blurred shots but now every shot was perfect. yay! Of course with my beautiful model Regina Candelaria.
DSC_0242Of course I wouldn’t miss the chance to have my photos taken too!
DSC_0245Everyone was busy with their make your own pair, while us we enjoyed taking their pictures! lolsDSC_0248This is the line wherein you pay your pairs. For the love of havaianas, patience was a key to every havaianotico’s in the event.
DSC_0252Tadaa! Modelling with my MYOH 2013 pair, I’m so happy with my design.
DSC_0270Introducing “Blairful’s MYOH 2013” pair, got my limited pin. And I say that this years packaging is the most amazing! It’s a canvas bag with pens on it, you can design you bag as well. Great job Havaianas! Plus they gave lots of discount coupons that you can use in their retail stores! So much freebies, I’m too happy!
DSC_0273I’ll end this post with my MYOH 2013 commemorative pair. It’s just a simple design, but it’s special for me cause I got to choose the strap, soles and pins! It would’ve been better if they have letter pins so it will more customized. You want to make you own pair too? It’s not too late, MYOH 2013 is until Tomorrow May 5, 2013. So what are you waiting for? Go on your way  Rockwell Tent and get your personalized Havaianas, so you can experience my happiness as well. Enjoy! I would like to thank Havaianas Philippines for the exclusive invites! Till next year!

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