My First Love is Pink


It’s Monday once again and one more day to go till we bid goodbye to the month of april. The calendar rolls over so fast, summer will end in a month! More colorful outfit should be done to maximize the season! For today’s outfit post, another favorite color of mine is pink since grade school pink was my love. But I noticed most girls like that color too so find another color to choose from, but still is one my favorite color. It’s so girlish and very feminine color, I find boys wearing pink cool cause most guys think it’s only for girls and boys who has a girly side but no, pink is for guys in reality and men who can pull off a pink outfit is so masculine for me:)

Back to my outfit, this is the first time that I’m gonna say that this is my favorite outfit so far! When this photo were taken I feel so happy and my friend Deo who took the photos told me that I don’t seem to be the person in the pictures. I really transform into a new person when I do outfit shots, I don’t know why but I portray the role of whatever theme my outfit has. It’s cool thing cause I love role playing and I really excel on our art class wherein play and drama is involve. If you’re wondering why I didn’t choose art courses rather than engineering, because my love for structures and high storey buildings are above my passion for arts. And they seem to be on the same side too, Art & Engineering have many similarities.

DSC_0011Most people think I’m a korean maybe because of my eyes or the way I dress up, but it’s my ordinary style colorful outfit, unmatched clothes, striking accessories and weird look (rarely!). Or when I curl my hair it adds a little look a like korean. My outfit for the day is more likely korean style, they influence filipinos the way they dress, make up and hair styles because of the koreanovelas, movies and pop stars with a top ranking songs. I find koreans and chinese cute cause sometimes they tend to like a like each other and they are like living barbie dolls. Perfect body, cute faces, nice hair and most specially the chinita eyes. I don’t have a blood of chinese, maybe my ancestors have but I’m blessed with what I have and I thank the father in heaven for that:)
DSC_0010-001Korean tops are very common to our filipino fashion, maybe because it’s in and many are into korean style. For me any style will do, the most important part is your comfortable with what you wear and you wear yourself with confidence. Sometimes or maybe often that I input to myself that people will look at me and don’t understand why I was wearing this outfit or there are some that will appreciate and like it. So I will respect whatever insight there maybe in my outfit, but most specially I myself knows that this is me and this is what I wanted to wear. No buts no if, when I go out of the house they should respect to what pieces of clothing that I choose cause I personally pick them and I don’t judge others outfit rather appreciate every single detail in their look:)DSC_0009But of course we can’t put ourselves in the shoe of others, we have our own differences and own sense in fashion so we cannot attest to their own perspective so let’s just respect each other opinions and let’s go on to our fashion lives! lols. For my outfit of the day, I recently bought some pieces of clothes from the famous local brand here in the country. Most fashion bloggers wear their clothes and I myself adore their collection.
DSC_0006|Apartment 8 Top||SM GTW Skirt||Primadonna Shoes|DSC_0004Thanks to my hair for pulling off this look, maybe I need to have digital perm so it will be permanent. What do you think?
DSC_0033|PinkBox Headband||Charlie Sunnies||Alchemy Lounge Nails|DSC_0022|Nyx Soft Matte  Lipcream in Addis Ababa|
DSC_0019I wanted to do some gwiyomi pose, actually I haven’t seen the dance video of it. Maybe I’ll try to do some when I watched the actual steps. lols. Watch out for it though:)
DSC_0013Peek-a-boo tops are in nowadays because it’s very summer, and it’s a must trend specially in this hot season. “Lakas maka summer ang peg!” It’s now my favorite kind of top. Thanks to Apartment 8’s famous top, it’s now my favorite piece. Expect more outfit repeat on this one.
DSC_0012Most people think that pink is for young people and for girls only but anyone can pull off any outfit with any color, if you’re happy and comfortable with what you wear then nobody can stop you from wearing it. It’s just the attitude toward the outfit and you, that can stand in the eyes of the people who will judge with what you are wearing. Just be yourself and give them a big smile so they will know that you’re happy with pieces of clothing that you wear. Pink will be my forever love, though I often wear clothes in pink it will be my first love. I need to stock up on pink garments for the next season:) What do you think of my outfit of the day? Have a great start of the week guys. Remember if your happy with your clothes then don’t let anyone ruin your day just so because they thought it doesn’t look good. Happy monday!


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2 Responses to “My First Love is Pink”
  1. This is so fun! Love the colors and the funkiness of the shoes!


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