Take Me to Paris


Happy sunday everyone! I woke up late today, cause I slept early morning too:) Anyway, what do you think about my title? No I didn’t go to paris (How I wish!), it’s just a dream that I wish that will come to reality. Europe is my dream destination ever, so for now i’ll be lurking my new top that my got me. I was surprised when my mom bought me this cute top in her recent trip, even though it’s not branded it’s special for me cause when she saw the top she thought of me wearing one and she thinks I will look good on it.

My mom is shopping buddy too, I remember the times when my dad send our allowance we go to the mall and buy the stuffs that we liked! My mom loves shoes, bags and clothes. She’s the one that I ask for opinions regarding my daily outfit if it looks good or not and sometimes I raid her closet cause some of her clothes are my kind of style. I’m a one lucky person to have parents like my mom and dad, supper supportive and loving parents. Though when my teenage days their busy with work, I understand that they’re doing it for my own good. Honestly there are times when I get mad at them but it surpass for a while, I will always my parents and if I will be given a chance to live again I will still pick them as my parents:)DSC_0009Until now I can’t figure out why my photos look like these. My camera needs a rest, or a clean up? The photos were nice if you look at it in a smaller screen but when I upload it becomes pixilated and looks dirty! I need to fix this problem as soon as possible. But for now pardon my photos.

DSC_0012I’m in love with side cut out tops, cause it gives an illusion of smaller arms plus it’s perfect for the intense that we feel, cut outs can make you feel comfortable. My school outfit is so simple, a top and pants but I make sure that there is something that make a mark. Like for this outfit, the top says a french word “J’amie La Mode De Paris” which I think is a place in paris.

DSC_0013|SM GTW Top||Forever 21 Pants||LA Gear Shoes||Brics Bag|






DSC_0026-001So I wanted to feel the grass thats why not make use of them as my background plus, it’s fun to do some picnic here. Good thing our school has plenty of nice spot where you can take photos, it doesn’t look like a university rather a park!

DSC_0030|Ray-Ban Sunnies||Genevieve Ring||Impulse Co Necklace| 

DSC_0033Pretending to be cool and unwind, it’s a perfect spot to have a yoga session or just for relaxation. Theres one thing that I forgot to bring in this photo, a blanket! lols

DSC_0034It’s a pefect outfit too for a summer festival if your going to party all night, sneakers would be the perfect choice cause you’ll probably dancing and jumping while listening to the music. Well anyway my “take me to Paris” post is ending here. Hope I can visit Paris soon! Have a blessed sunday folks and I hope you liked my entry of the day!

xo, Blairful!

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