BTS: My Shining Moment


Today I’m gonna share to you my biggest break ever, I’m not gonna be an artist or something but it’s a one step closer to my dream. Last week I was asked if I can be feature in a TV show called Good News, it is hosted by Vicky Morales in QTV channel 11. At first I didn’t knew it cause someone emailed me and I thought it was a spam or something but I saw a tweet and noticed the name is familiar and look back at the email I saw. Then the story goes on, I was asked if they can interview me for their segment cause it was about flip-flops and because of my blog they saw my flip-flop collection. At first I was hesitant cause I was not home that time and they told me that it will be shoot the next day, so I wasn’t prepared that all and my flip-flops were at our house. I was about to reject it but I thought it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and maybe I won’t be able to take any of these in the future. Then my friends supported me and they will go with me.

Then I accepted it and drive in early in the morning just to get my flip flops and fix myself, it’s not a big show and I think my part was less than 5 minutes so there’s no big deal. And the venue wasn’t finalized yet so I opted to have some time to travel, pick up my friends and get myself fix. Theres no professional make up artist or so cause it was a brief feature and it wasn’t grand at all, so I fix myself with a little bit of make up and get dressed. Thankfully I got some apparel from Charlie that I haven’t used yet so I have stuffs to use for this quick TV spill.

DSC_0041As of now this is my entire flip-flop collection, in my recount it is 38 pairs to be exact. Mainly composed by Havaianas around 30 pairs and other brand like roxy, crocs and ipanema. I’m a flip-flop lover and I would buy flip-flop than high heels. It is my obsession way back my first year in college. It is not a huge collection at all but it’s a start and some pairs were still new with tag.
DSC_0044Before the shoot started I opted to take some BTS with my flip-flop collection. I think my look was appropriate for the segment and my color theme matched the color palette of the flip-flop collection.I was supposed to have a part in the segment which we will be making a Do it your own flip-flop with Ms. Love Anover, but because I was stuck in traffic all the way to Cavite to GMA I arrived 11 am so I didn’t able to see her. So my shoot was scheduled for after lunch and we changed location, from GMA all the way to La Mesa Eco Park in QC. It was my first time to drive by myself to GMA and specially to QC, good thing there’s no traffic at that time.
DSC_0057-001Also I brought with me my single flip-flop, but it will be considered as a flip-flops even it doesn’t have a pair cause it’s too big that it can fit an entire collection. I got the flip float at Boracay when I purchased the limited edition Havaianas Boracay 2013 pair. It was free for a minimum spend of P2,000 and one of my havaianas collector friend asked me if I can buy her a pair so I was to avail the promo.  DSC_0061With the segment producer and the crew, the girl who was fixing the flip-flops was the segment producer and we have the same alma mater. She also studied at DLSU-D and he knew some of my professors, such a coincidence right?
DSC_0066-001More behind the scene shots, I was so lucky that my friends are so much supportive in all my activities in life. I don’t think I can find somebody like them, I’m so blessed.DSC_0067-001 DSC_0068-001One thing I noticed in our shoot, that the entire thing that we did will not be compiled and be seen after the shoot cause it was taken one by one and more video edit will be needed to compile everything. Also you need to smile the entire time cause they took every angle and you need to be in the exact position when it started. Though it seems to be easy but it takes time and the environment is also a factor. We had a scene wherein I was being interview and the sun strike up on me and we waited until it’s gone before we finished that part.
DSC_0072-001I was surprised that my hair and make up pull it off also my outfit, does it seems like I was style and fixed by the professionals?
DSC_0074This is the part that I need to be steady and at the exact same position, because the part was taken by sequence.DSC_0080-001I had a hard time hiding the lapel mic, It’s an accessory when you are an artist. It reminded me of PBB, cause I’ve seen them wearing those all the time. I hope my voice will be fixed when it’s on air.
DSC_0081-001I don’t what part of the interview did I make my face look like this, or maybe we retake it and I said something wrong. lol
DSC_0083-001 DSC_0092-001See I have a fan already (LOL), the people in the area was curious about me and they thought I was a celebrity that they took pictures behind the scene. The little kid seems so interested in what I was doing and he is my first fan. hahahaha. The girl in stripes is Ms. Jellica, she is the one who contacted me and I thought she wrote me a spam. lol
DSC_0093More “nga-nga” pose. lols
DSC_0102Actual video shot of my quick fame experience. I never knew I will be seen on TV, though it’s not grand at all it’s an honor to be seen in TV and also my flip-flop collection will be seen by many. It’s a blessing in disguise, and I wouldn’t have this opportunity if you guys weren’t reading my blog even there are times that I’m writing non sense things. Ms. Jellica wouldn’t see my blog if there are no readers and I’m so grateful that inspire of my not so perfect writing and not that model like poses there still few who reads my blog:) I cannot thank you enough for the time you give to this blog site. DSC_0106-001It’s truly an honor to be part of this TV show even just for a segment, I never knew I’ll have this opportunity not in my dreams. I’m excited to see myself in front of the camera and also to watch the entire shoot we did. I’m amaze in what we did cause it doesn’t seem to be a film because of the quick scenes and everything was taken in cut scenes. So I’m looking forward to look at the work of the team behind this show and I would also like to thank Ms. Jellica, the segment producer, the crew and specially my friends Krishee and Tricia for accompanying me on this experience. Watch out for my TV Spill 8:00 pm on QTV Channel 11 tomorrow. Sunday is the day where the entire world will see (If you will watch) my first TV appearance, OMG I think I’m gonna faint when I see myself. For me the feeling is like winning for a beauty pageant, Miss Universe to be specific (I’m not over reacting, it’s really one of my biggest dream to be seen on TV and this is pansit!) lols.

DSC_0051-001Hair and make up by yours truly. Styled also by myself and the flip-flop that I was wearing was the finish product of the Do it your own segment that Miss Love Anover did. Don’t forget to watch tomorrow, 8pm on QTV. I’m so excited I just can’t hide it. I hope this is not the first and last TV spill that I’m going to do, but still I’m very grateful of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Hope you like my post for the day, this one is very special to me so it’s truly a long and detailed post, I wish you didn’t get bored reading it. Have a great weekend guys! It’s still a TGIS for me, I have a class later even it’s a summer class. Enjoy for day pals.

xo, Blairful!

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