Girls Just Want to Have Fun


Sunday is a holy day were we spend some of our time with our almighty GOD and it’s a family day also. Did you attend the mass already? Well me I just got home and i’m writing my post for the day, yesterday my college buddies and I were united once again. It’s been a century since the last time we hang out. Finally the day finally come and though we weren’t complete it was one heck of fun. We used to watch movies together, go shopping, eat and just stroll in different places, but this time we have a nice talk about our plans for this summer. As well as the happenings in each one of us, it was a great time catching up and I really did enjoy.

My friends are also fashion conscious, they were the ones that I consult with my hairstyle, make up and clothes. Each one of us have different styles, though I’m the most fashionista in the group they not to judge me and they accept who I am. We had some wacky and crazy shots that you will see in this post.

DSC_0034-001First things first is my outfit of the day, I wanted to feel the summer vibe it was intensely hot actually even right now. So i opted to wear my cool sheer top and floral shorts. Talk about print on print, I don’t mind if they think I was too cool for summer but it was my style so its not their problem anymore.
DSC_0028And if you’ll notice I had my haircut done and let’s welcome my ridiculous bangs. lol. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I wanted to have bangs, it turned out to look like baby hair. I’ll just mend with it, for the mean time pardon my wavy bangs.DSC_0029-001Sheer top + shorts and flip flops are the best combo for summer. But because I was driving I opted to wear my favorite sandals, and matched it with my new sunnies.
DSC_0031|Landmark Top and Shorts||Brics Bag||Fitflop Sandals||Charlie Sunnies|DSC_0035-001It was indeed a print on print day, though it looked like to match happenings in one outfit my look wasn’t that bad and it can pass cause summer style can never go wrong. Below are the photos that me and friends took yesterday. Pardon the craziness in us.DSC_0036-001So they photo bombed my outfit post, crazy girls aren’t they? But still I love them. The one in my left is Leigh Alinas and on the other side is MC Llamado.
DSC_0037-001They wanted to make an appearance on my blog so here they are, though it’s a bit wacky it can pass as an outfit shot.DSC_0042-001With petut, she’s the one who took my outfit shots and she was late too so she treated us some donuts and ice cream. Perks of being late. lols
DSC_0045-001It’s me who took this picture and as a proof it’s out of focus. hahaha. I never learn
DSC_0038-001It was indeed a girls just want to have fun day. We all enjoyed and it’s a sweet escape from our busy living. I wanted to spend more time with this crazy but cool girls.DSC_0040-001 DSC_0041-001 DSC_0026-001I named our “the vamps” and the last escapade we went to was in boracay 2010. So I’m hoping our summer plans will happen cause every one of us is indeed excited for the line up activities this summer. I’ll keep you updated with out summer trips, but for next post I’ll share with you my holy week escapade. Hope you liked my post for the day and have a great day!

xo, Blairful!

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