Fountain of Youth


It’s saturday and I’m just the only noticed how days fly so fast? I just thought april is about to start and now it’s going to second week. Anyway, heres the outfit that I wore when my family and I drove along high street just to make some groceries, lols. Actually the expected travel will only be one and half hour but it took us about three hours because of the traffic and it goes along when we headed our way back. The travel consumed lot of our time, and the time we spend together was a little compare to the travel. It just makes me sick driving around with the heat of the sun and you’re stuck in a long queue of traffic. (If i could just fly!) The traffic reminded me of the holiday rush, but it isn’t december yet and theres no occasion that time so why the roads that we used were the most congested of them all? hahaha

Enough with my traffic rant and let’s move on with my fashion related talk shall we? The photos below were taken by my niece who loves to take pictures with my camera. Too bad she had a hard time taking pictures with my manual lens, and the sun set down already so it added on her dilemma. Good thing they were some nice set of photos, just pardon the people behind me cause they were lurking around the fountain as well.

DSC_0078-001Did you noticed something different with my hair? Yes I had my hair color done, I just wanted to have a bright color for my hair for quite sometime but I think my hair doesn’t want to cause the color doesn’t blend well. But good thing it became more lighter than the usual. Don’t you love it?
DSC_0079-001Because it was a super hot day, I opted to wear my favorite cut out sleeves top and the flower design just matched the summer season. And look car keys can also be an accessory to your outfit, it just go with it:) Just a simple outfit for a chill day with my family.DSC_0082Too much color again in one outfit, I used to play with colors and even some of it doesn’t matched the colors I still want them cause I want to look like a rainbow. lol. Actually colors can match along with the help of right ensemble and color coordination. My trick here is, if you can other colors on your garment you can use them even it’s a little detail it well blend on it. Just don’t get too much contrast specially on dark colors cause you don’t want to look like going to a halloween party it’s very early to start. hahaha
DSC_0084|Landmark Top||Forever 21 Shorts||Toms Shoes||Preppy Bag||SM Accessories Necklace|DSC_0085-001I love fountains, one of my professor said that in every building design most of the time you will see a water attraction. Cause every people will probably look at it. Cause we’re attracted with water and even we used to see it all the time the percentage of looking it back again will just happen. It’s a fact and it was quite interesting, my professor was an architect so he probably know a lot of experience with designs.
DSC_0087Once again my post is about to end, actually I have more backlogs with my recent trip but I just wanted to post this one first (Just an excuse cause I’m having a hard time editing it. lols). I’m so happy that it’s weekend already and I’m headed to school to enroll myself. Hope you liked my post for the day, have a great day!

xo, Blairful!

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