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If you read about my recent post, you probably know that we had a research seminar in preparation for our thesis proposal and were required to wear corporate attire. For today’s post I’ll be showcasing my business attire look, most probably I’m over dressed again compare to my classmates. I always look liked prepared much when it comes to events associated with attire. It’s just my way of dressing up go beyond the expectation of the others or it’s just me that really thinks it over when dressing up. Either way that’s what I wanted to look and it’s part of me, so be it.

When you want something are you gonna think it twice and over or you just go with it without any doubt? Well for me, I think it over and over until such time I have a decision that weighs between my wants and likes but to be honest it’s sometimes hard to decide specially when you saw something that quickly captures your attention and you think you might regret not having it. It sucks sometimes when you can’t stop liking a thing, even you don’t need it that moment but you like it so badly that you can’t resist not having it. I call that urge as a calling, but when I got that thing that I wanted it feels like nothing after a few days and that’s when I realize that I just want to pacify myself with stuffs that my eyes laid on to at the first glance. So I suggest to control the feeling of liking something that you’ll regret after you got it, for me it’s a helpful factor to weigh in the pros and cons. As of today I have 75% control when it comes to shopping, before when I laid my eyes to something I place an order form quickly as possible cause I thought it might run out but now I check the site for several times and when the item ran out I think it wasn’t meant for me after all. It works for me, specially for the things that I don’t really need and I just wanted to have it. But when the item is destin for me, and my resources is in time with it also that’s my cue to buy that stuff.

If you relate the paragraph above with my love for fashion, or should I say passion for fashion. It depends on my mood at the moment and my energy to look fashionable. There are times that I feel so lazy to dress up and just want to feel simple and normal without any complain (in a good way though) and compliments about my outfit, just wanted to fit in as a normal student, cause dressing up not similar with the normal students in the campus feels like you have a beauty queen’s crown and you’re entitled to walk at runway with beauty and grace. For me that’s the feeling of being fashionable that you can carry yourself with the clothes you wear, I mean you will pull it off an outfit with confidence and grace. That’s when the outfit will truly shine bright like a diamond.

DSC_0389Were all human beings and there are times/ a couple of times when we wanted to laid back and rest for a while. In fashion there’s always a rest, and when you rest you can still be fashionable in your own way. For example you’re at home, the clothes you wear rely on your mood and the comfort you want to feel at the safest place on earth:) My outfits when I’m at home might not be branded but still depicts on the mood the day may bring, it’s just I rarely post pictures of me dressing up at home cause I feel it’s fashionable enough to satisfy other opinion. But for me it’s an appropriate way of dressing up when your confident with what you wear, the brands doesn’t matter its how you showcase it withe elegance and grace. Just like in a beauty contest, beauty and brains. In fashion runway style and confidence.
DSC_0390Enough for my rant about my opinion about passion for fashion, on to my outfit post. For me it was just a simple attire and I just pull of clothes that I have in my closet. I shopped for my defense proposal attire and mixed it out with my old clothes that can look appropriate. Luckily I had options and it turned out to be a good one. A simple sheer blouse pair up with a skirt and a color matching shoes. This white sheer blouse was my first sheer top that I had, I bought it when sheer was just introduced and selling hot like  pancakes. But of course the price matters, cause I saw similar designs from branded shops and looked again at shops with a budget tight value. That is my trick also when it comes to liking a thing, I look for a similar design that has a price lesser than compare to the branded one. I rarely splurge on branded clothing, I only hoard branded garments when the price slashed off up to 70%. You know me, I’m a sucker for sale items. But there are times that you splurge out with a quality value items, specially when you want to treat yourself:)  DSC_0392I’m no pro when it comes to make up, even putting blush on I don’t know if it’s the right thing. When I think it looks good, I stick with it. But honestly I wanted to learn how to put make up on the proper way:) You can teach me maybe sometime. LOL. For my outfit I wanted to look simple with minimal color scheme, that’s why I used light color of lipstick so the attention is on my attire not on my shocking color lips (I just thought of it). hahahaDSC_0393-001Pale it may seem, but for me it was just exactly what I wanted to achieve. Simplicity is the key for a balanced mood:) Also minimal accessories was used in this outfit, my aim is to focus on the attire not on the bing bling and fancy stuffs. I would like to thank my friend zarah for lending me her watch cause it matched my outfit, but we only noticed it after set of photos were already taken with my watch so two watches were present in my outfit shots:)
DSC_0414|Fossil/Roxy Watch||Bazaar Necklace|
DSC_0395|Liberte Top||Landmark Skirt||People are People Shoes|DSC_0397-001In fashion there is always a room for improvement and everyday is a learning experience. The good thing about blogging is that you can track the style you have done and with the documentary that you made you know the things you need to improve to have a better outcome on the next one. Plus when you look back you can see how your style change in accordance with time:) DSC_0408I love how my outfit turned out, even though I looked over prepared for the said event or it’s just my classmates were not interested in dressing up. It feels good to look nice specially when you’re fashion related you just wanted to look better. It’s a matter of state of mind, and honestly comments can pacify the handwork you pull off when it comes to choosing the right garment to mix match with. I’m just happy especially when the outfit that I pick garners a lot of nice comment, that’s my price for being pulling off an outfit. And that’s what I call passion for fashion, my post for today is totally fashion related and happy that I can share my thoughts about dressing up. Hope you had informative thoughts about fashion while reading my post. Stay tune for the set of photos with my classmates with their corporate attire. Have a good day:)

Photos credit to: Zarah Sarno

xo, Blairful!

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