Campus Alert: The Next Big Thing


My campus alert segment is back and for it’s debut for year 2013, i’m proud to present to you one of the aspiring model in our school. LOL. Seriously he’s my classmate/friend and he’s one of my greatest fan when it comes to my outfit posts (I’m telling the truth!!!!). Without further ado, my campus alert heartthrob for today is Alexander Andres. One of the bright students in DLSU-d, he’s also a scholar in our university and a top student in Civil Engineering. He is one of the person who bullies most probably the entire class or half of it, sometimes he’s the reason why everyone laughs at the class, a frustrated singer on his own (Peace!), and specially he’s helping people when in need specifically when it comes to our studies.

I know every word I say there will be a counterpart word that he’s going to say against me, but hey it’s my blog so I can write whatever I want. hahaha. Kidding aside, Alex is one the person I got close with when I return to school and I’m happy that there were the group that I got close with (I belong! Chos). If I would describe alex without any bias, at first hand look you’ll probably think he’s a geek or something but in reality he’s also a normal student like us. I ask him if what’s his study habits, he said that he studies the lecture when an examination is coming and he can learn just by scanning the notes (One of his talents). He’s also a kpop fanatic cause his very updated when it comes to chick flick films about koreans, taiwanese, chinese and other asian country, if you will ask him whats the latest movies and tv series that he have the answer is Asian invasion (I’ll be dead if he reads this. LOL). Alex is also an active student, faculty and staff are very pleased with him cause he’s smart and finishes his tasks with A+. And lastly alex likes the camera too, just like me thats why we hitched together cause we like to pose in front of the camera:)

DSC_0376For today’s outfit post, we had our research seminar in preparation for our thesis proposal. We are required to wear a corporate attire to match with the event and to practice the appropriate outfit for our proposal defense. But some students did not comply with it (Ehem! Tamaan ang iba dyan. LOL), Alex changed his top with a polo and matched it with pants and rubber shoes so seems like a semi casual look. DSC_0398So of course if your dressed up there should be a photo shoot! We maximized our break time and had a mini shoot at the lake park. Alex was super game in posing in front of the camera, good thing our friend Zarah was there to spoil our mood and she’s very good in taking our pictures. DSC_0399Did you notice something about alex’s poses? Well it bugs me big time when alex have his photos taken , he can’t stop crumpling his forehead every time he looks at the camera (A.k.a Boy Kunot! Omg lagot talaga ako neto!). Maybe it’s a natural reaction but he needs to practice to relax more often. But all in all, he looked like a pro blogger cause he knows how to pose and emote inn front of the camera (ayeee laki na ng ulo ni alex!). hahaha DSC_0407Photo bombard, I had a hard time choosing what photos to include cause there so many of them! But this our the ones that I liked. Hope you’ll pardon our vanity insanity.DSC_0410Were very fortunate to have a place like this in school, cause having a photo shoot is very easy. It was made for people who loves the camera (Just a thought!). LOLDSC_0476The photos below is achieved with special participation of the old tree. The photo set looks better and in nature theme, also add up the aspiring model.

(My pasilip-silip effect pa para achieve ang pagmomodel!) LOLDSC_0483|Adidas Shoes|DSC_0484-001(Campus heartthrob pose, pwede na ba sa ginoong lasalle 2014?) DSC_0485(What yah say pose!) What’s your verdict? Can my friend alex pass as a model? ^_^DSC_0486 DSC_0492And lastly the bulaga pose to end this entry! Thats it my campus alert segment for today, hope you liked my post for today. I’m happy to have friends whose very game in posing in front of the camera, and also my friends whose very supportive when it comes to my blog. Friends truly are the precious gem that only shines at night (It’s just my saying!). Have a great day everyone, more photos will be posted on my Facebook account and watch out for my next outfit post!

Model: Alexander Andres

Photographer: Zarah Sarno

xo, Blairful!

2 Responses to “Campus Alert: The Next Big Thing”
  1. zarah joy says:

    ayiie.. i liked it.. namention ako.. hahaha.


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