Hit The Spot


Is it me or have you also noticed that time pass so fast. January is about to end, and it feels like holidays was just a few days back. Anyway, I like the weather today sunny but it’s cold. This weather makes me unproductive, I have tons of paper work to do yet I feel like relaxing most of the time.

Enough with my rant about my unfinished business let’s move on to my outfit post shall we? For today, and just like an ordinary day to an ordinary girl like me a simple clothing can pass on. For this year, I want to reinvent my style without over dressing, I noticed that when I used to wear a lot of colors and unusual garments like neon and with matching eye catching accessories it makes people think that I’m rich or something. I don’t like that feeling cause I’m just an average girl, not rich and not that poor. I want to make a statement that whether you wear simple pieces and very minimal accessories you can still look good, starting now I’ll refrain from neon and jaw dropping colors but it a day or two can be allowed. Lol. I’ll try to reinvent in a way that it will benefit myself and the people that surrounds me. I hope that this can also help people who wants to be fashionable in their own specially way without splurging so much, plus I want to make a difference. (Standing ovation please. Just kidding 🙂

DSC_0840Just like my top says “hit the spot” when you pull out the pieces that match together even though the color looks like it doesn’t go well, when you matched it with right accessories and perfect styling you’ll definitely will hit the spot. It just needs a proper garments, goes with the right accessories and self confidence then you can pull it off. It’s the attitude on how you will style and wear yourself with the pieces that you choose. I believe that your style shows your attitude:)DSC_0841So my outfit it’s just a simple white top paired up with a colored jeans. I noticed that colored jeans is back on track this year, and good thing a save some from the previous trend. But now, pastels is now in and not so so for the neon and striking colors. And my aztec wedge is back, when I look at the pair of shoes that I own I try to figure out when will I’ll be wearing them again. It’s just frustrating that most of the time they’re in the box and just gets old without using them and when you use it you’ll find out that it’s broken already. Sad but mostly it’s true.
DSC_0842 DSC_0843 DSC_0844I stacked up a lot of neon pieces from last years trend, and even though neon it’s about to leave I say why not wear them once again and reinvent it once in awhile. Everything must go to waste, and just keep those pieces and there will come a time that the trend will go back once more. DSC_0850 DSC_0852 DSC_0855 DSC_0862|Naf Naf Top||Forever 21 Jeans||Primadonna Shoes||Bazaar Bracelets|

Even though orange was last year’s lucky color, I still want the vibe of orange. But I’ll try to mix it up with this year lucky color. Wish me luck. Well there you go my outfit of the day. Hope you had fun reading it, and enjoy the rest of the day folks.

xo, Blairful!


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