What Will You Wear If It is The End of The World?


I’m back once again and thank goodness it’s Christmas break. I can now wear anything I like without the uniforms. Plus it’s a break from all the stress and laziness. LOL. Did you miss me? Well me, no doubt that I miss all of you specially doing photo shoots for my little blog. Because of my class schedule and all the requirements I’ve been so lazy dressing up and even though wash days I didn’t mind my outfits anymore ( Well that’s new! ). So I’m back for the holidays and hope I can have some holiday feature here on my page. But for now, let’s have my outfit for the last day of my exams for the prelim. And I thought about the question, What will I’ll wear if it is indeed the end of the world? Yes, today is the day that everyone’s been curious lately, the so-called doom’s day will happen in 12-21-12 which actually right now. In my opinion, I don’t really believe in such thing even though I was pretty amazed and captured with the movie “2012” no one can actually say that it is the end of the world cause we are GOD to attest such thing. So I just thought of being fierce with my outfit and breaking the rules is a part of it.

I wore a sleeveless top, trousers and a flip-flop at school and everyone kept telling me “that’s not allowed” well luckily for me no swafo was present during my existence that day so my ID was safe:)

DSC_0257So do you have an idea what will you wear if the world will end today? Tick Tok Tick Tok think fast cause you’ll never know what will happen next:DDSC_0261 DSC_0263 DSC_0268 DSC_0269 DSC_0270|Crissa Jeans Top||Uniqlo Trousers||The Red Pumps Shoes||York Necklace||Forever 21 Earrings|DSC_0271 DSC_0274 DSC_0284 DSC_0294I love the bottoms from Uniqlo cause they are very comfortable and you don’t feel like you’re wearing something. haha. It’s a good investment for your wardrobe cause garments like this is very rare and nowadays its quality vs quantity. I hope it makes sense. And if you’re thinking of giving me a gift this holiday, I already give you a hint. LOLDSC_0295See my pimples just pop out whenever they wanted, that’s why I’m too lazy of having my pictures taken because I can’t get rid of them. Because of the stress and sleepless nights, resulting to unwanted blemishes! EeErrrrr. DSC_0298And last note, did you notice I put some eyeliner and mascara on just for a change but I’m no pro when it comes to makeup so don’t mind if it doesn’t look good cause for me it’s perfectly okay. hahaha. Well enjoy the rest of the day, and I know everyone is so busy doing some late christmas shopping. Thankfully I’m already done with my christmas list:D Be safe and hope you did enjoy my post!

xo, Blairful!

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