The Land of Green


When the 1st semester was about to end, I keep on asking myself how can I have my daily outfit shots taken and so many questions pop into my mind cause I only have the opportunity to blog daily cause of my supportive friends who are always ready to be my photographer for my little blog but how about on vacation? I did take an outfit shot indoors with a use of a tripod once and I thought about doing it again. So one problem solved let’s move on to the next, my allowable memory space is closely full and just about 2-3 days I’ll not be able to upload files for free (OH em!!!!!). This is really serious cause my blog is composed of 80-90% photos and the rest are writings, so I need to upgrade or move to another platform. Way back then I really wanted to have my own domain but I promise to myself to buy an upgrade when I established my blog and improve my writing. I thought that splurging some money with a hobby like blogging is like collecting some stuffs were you value each piece and wanted to collect more. For me blogging is a way to express myself where I can have other opinion and suggestions whether I’m on a right track or going way too far. Since I started blogging I gather some compliments, constructive critics and likes, it helped me in a way to improve my writing and be more creative with my content. As of now blogging has a specially place in my heart, my friends would notice that I’ll talk about blogging one or twice a day. That’s how blogging affects me and I’m really happy when I can share my thoughts and ideas to everyone, though there are times that I am too busy to update some posts I make it a point to save back logs.

I know I’m starting to write a poem again but It’s so frustrating that I need to deal with some bugs and issues with my blog. But I assure you I’ll try my best to fix everything:)

For now, my outfit posts for the day is all about green again. As much as I love orange, I honestly liked color green maybe because it’s my school color and were required to wear green shirts every friday. I collected some green apparel for this semester cause my wardrobe lacks of that color and now I’m used to wearing and I feel like it. My school is surrounded with trees and very nature like and I’m very happy cause e you can have your outfit shot taken anywhere, and the people are few so I’m so comfortable posing my trying hard poses. LOL. Matchy scheme it may be, but it actually looks good on photos. Just don’t mind my big arms and were good to go. hahaha
|Bayo Top||Forever 21 Jeans||Primadonna Soes||Longchamp Bag|So there you have it, my outfit of the day. I’ll miss this backdrop, since it’s vacation I’m not be able to have my photos taken inside the campus. But I’ll try to post daily outfit shots even I’m on a vacation, hope to have some events this coming days plus I wish I could go to Philippine Fashion Week. Still hoping:) Have a great day everyone!

Photos by: Tricia Costa

xo, Blairful!


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