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Finally it’s “TGIS” once again, for my new readers it’s Thank Goodness it’s Saturday. Last day of my final examination and wish me luck. They say save the best for last but mine is prepared for the biggest battle ever. The exam I’m going to take a few hours from now is one of my major subjects and it’s about water resources. Good thing my background has complied with my story, I just want to share my thoughts as a student. Being an engineering student is such a tough choice that I made, many said why you didn’t take this and that courses but I wanted to finish what I started. I learn to love my course and I really wanted to make buildings, houses, especially malls and lots of construction, way back grade school I used to draw sketches of house and design the interior decor of my doll house is one my passion when I was young. And I think it was the one that triggered me to pursue Civil Engineering plus it’s my dads dream too so why not hit two birds in one stone right? So even though it’s hard and most of the time stressful and so much pressure is on, I just think of the fact that this will lead me to my dreams:)

For my title post, I noticed that when I am taking outfit shots the people who passed by me is really looking at my face and thinking if I’m an “artista” (in english local celebrity) or something, they always give me a look that is questioning who’s that girl. Maybe because we are fond by the celebrities who take vanity pictures that we think that every girl/boy taking a whole body photo is someone like popular. But I know for a time that people will get used to it, and they will be familiarize that when someone is taking a suspiciously outfit shots well that is one kind of vain person. chos! I admit I love vanity shots, my friends are used with me that I can take gazillion of photos of me only in just split seconds (would you imagine that?? hahaha) I mean I can have photos using my phone and just click and click and click. Though for some people who doesn’t know me well, they will practically think I’m obsessed with my face. hahaha. But hey sometimes we tend to think of that when we see somebody take several shots of her/himself. There’s non bad about it, in fact it can make a mood slight chill. Cause people are always fond of taking pictures, even if we have problems and heart aches we ease the pain just for that one great  smile:)

Now the outfit for the day, is such a simple yet colorful one. This is my peg last Wednesday and my first day battle for finals. I’m so happy that I own the top that I am wearing cause I was lurking about it when I saw it on a mannequin displayed on a shop. Then when my mom and I had a chance to shop, it was on sale and I bought it the minute that I saw it on the rack. Good thing I waited for it cause I save around P200.00. I believe in the saying good thing comes to those who wait. LOL.This shot is like saying “ganda ng pose mo girl kaso my photo bum ka sa hair” in english ” the pose was nice but you have bum on your hair though”|Top Preppy||Jeans Human||Shoes Parisian||Bag Unica Hija|I love this shot, the sun is striking on me perfectly (I think!). I wish I have this scene all the time. ahahahaPretending to walk on the edge of bridge but it was just a tiny little bridge and there’s no water below it so I just try it one.Jump shots! I miss this segment, sometimes my outfit doesn’t give me the opportunity to have shots like this specially when I’m wearing a skirt or dress. Before I need to have jump shots to compose my self in striking my non sense pose (LOL), but now I do it for fun. That means I’m improving, i just need to learn how to make best angles and how to look good on the camera. Thanks to my supportive friends who help me to still have my daily outfit shots. I weren’t for them my blog doesn’t exist and they learn how to style too. Sometimes they are my creative director for my little blog, and I love it cause being with my closest friends is such a safe place to be me as myself. So shout out to my dear beshies out there and also to my dear readers who still give time to visit my little blog. I would like to thank you all:) Have a great weekend everyone.

Photos by Deo Villas

xo, Blairful!

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