Happy Fiesta


I’ve never experience celebrating fiesta in our place, cause most of the towns here are not used to the classic generation where they still accustomed with the beliefs and traditions. Fiesta are celebrated in some areas where the filipino culture is still practiced, the spanish where the one who influenced us with this kind of celebration and for years we still celebrate it in different places. I wanted to experience the vibe of celebrating a fiesta specially with the over flowing foods, parade, bazaar, procession and all. Though we have a day for fiesta here, we don’t have grand feast and you’ll just know that were celebrating the feast if you’ll see “bandaritas” all over our village. But I’m glad that my classmates who lives on a town were fiesta is such an important event, of course food is top of the priority:) Me and my friends like to eat, so we enjoyed this experienced a lot.

On our way to Imus Cavite where my classmate lives, I had a drama moment. I’m a newbie driver, so I don’t like entering streets that our very narrow. But unluckily the roads leading to my friend’s house is ver narrow and most the roads are one way so we got lost for a moment and I needed to go back to where we gone first but we reached dead-end and my head started to burst out. I don’t like the feeling of being suppressed by my own emotions, I got scared and at the same time very shy cause the people living in that area seen me in my most embarrassing moment. The car slightly gone off the canal (cause I have a hard time maneuver the engine and my weakest part is the car reverse), and I was so irritated with my friend cause if he wasn’t insisted of entering that street I wouldn’t have a hard time. Thankfully the car didn’t really fell on the open canal and I was able to drive through the road even though most the people where all over the street. When we reached the plaza, we had our friends help cause I don’t have the energy to get lost again and that was the time where I burst out and cried. Actually it was mixed emotions and stress with my subjects then the driving incident, I know I’m such a cry baby but I was controlling myself not to cry in front of the people in the street where we got lost so I just burst it out in front of my friends. Driving can make me so emotional cause there are times I can’t do the things that the passengers can do, If my driving instructor would read this he will get mad on me. hahaha

Enough for the story telling and let the picture speak for itself.

Most of the dish that my classmates mom prepared were seafoods, actually every year seafood is they’re main dish:) We didn’t eat lunch just to prepare ourselves just for this! Crabs, shrimp, squid, fish, shells and many more were all present plus the chicken that is always present in every gathering. And not to forget my favorite part of them all, desserts!!!!!
Actually this our 2nd round of eating, I didn’t eat much rice cause I ate a lot of chicken and crabs:) Our tummy was very happy that day.The good thing about celebrating fiesta is that the relatives and family from other place gather just to celebrate this occasion. Many people from afar are attending fiesta from different towns even though the travel is long just to be part of it. Too bad, the fiesta proper was over we didn’t have photo documentary. But the food is enough to make us all happy:) Good food will always give a happy face.After eating and chit chats, we went to the plaza where all the bazaars and happenings are. I’m so excited to go because I love bazaars:)
My cool friends. Tricia, Krishee, Me and Gabz.All the people are roaming around the plaza, whether it was kid, teenager, adults and young at heart:) Vendors are all spread out in the vicinity and everyone is having a good time:)Look at this whole shawarma. Too bad were all full, so we didn’t try it. But it looks yummy.This cool vendor is trying some tricks with the use of his walking stick, were amazed cause of his skills. Even though his handicapped, it didn’t defined him as useless person thus it was a fact that he was a hardworking cause he still work for a living:)My friends tried the henna tattoo and this were the results:)Food overload at the bazaar, even you don’t have a feast in your house you can still celebrate and eat at the plaza plus you can choose from a wide selection. My friends availed the handmade flying bird and they had so much playing with it. We just watched them play and we also enjoyed.Class picture:)Bubbles:) The bubble vendor, blew some bubbles for my photo-op. His so kind cause he knew I wanted to take a picture with the bubbles. Thank you to “manong”(in english older brother”) for doing such a thing, he was tired to blowing the bubbles cause most my photos were blurred so we took a lot of his time and his bubble sample.After walking 3 blocks, and returning back to my friends house. Me, Krishee and Tricia took photos portraying like were a señorita 🙂Well there you have it. My fiesta experience, I would like to thank my friends cause I had a great time and my tummy is solved.  Definitely will go back next year and hopefully I won’t have driving drama again. I need to end this post or else I’m gonna relinquish the seafood and the foods that we ate. Last 4 exams to go and my 1st semester will be over, wish me luck!

xo, Blairful!


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