Over Thinking


Today I’m gonna talk about my own predictions, no I’m no psychic or anything but I always day-dream most probably all the time. I know it’s no sense cause they might or not happen, i think out of a box and most of them were quite surreal with a little bit of twist. I know we should focus on reality and that’s the bad thing about over thinking about things cause it makes you lazy and you forgot what really is happening. Dreams do come true, but first let’s have a reality check, we can’t move on without looking at the situation and might as well fix it rather than jump onto the next one and leave the first one. I know for a fact that I wanted a lot of things, and I just always say to myself if it destined for me I’ll have it too. But for now let’s wait and be patient while isn’t ours yet, the world is round and it might go upside down so you don’t need to worry cause time will come the spotlight will be yours. Just keep the faith and work + prayer = good result:)

Day Dreaming can sometimes ease anyones dilemma just for a moment, but it is useless specially when you things to come and you’ll not do anything to have or get it. I always wonder what if I did this, what if done that, my life is full of what ifs and I’ll never know it unless I try it. So go out of the box and grab a dream, don’t just draw it on your mind, make it happen. We have social abilities and talents that’s why we are the highest above all the creatures that was created, so use it while we have cause maybe it’s too late.

My friends kept teasing me cause of my shirt, they said I like a teacher with my top. Then I realize yes I look like a primary school teacher, plus I also look like an assistant on a clinic. I didn’t plan to buy this top, but when I roam around Primadonna store, it was on sale and the actual price is P499.00 and became P299.00. Panic buying and impulsive thinking might ring a bell, but sometimes we need to grab this opportunity cause you might regret it. hahaha. I love the color of the top, cause I rarely wear this color plus the details were cool:)|Primadonna Top||Forever 21 Pants||Parisian Shoes||Longchamp Bag|Did you notice my hair is growing up so fast, I can feel the new roots is becoming too long. I just had my haircut and treatment last month but it feels like it’s been 4 months. One of my classmates said, if you cut your hair short it will grow long fast then it will slowly become long again. Whats the explanation of this?BTW October is the teachers month, so my outfit is really designed for my greetings to all the teachers/professors out there. Happy Teachers Month and thank you for your kindness, and hard work in teaching and instilling to our minds what we need for the future ahead. Most of my professors were unapproachable so I wasn’t able to greet them cause I’m terrified and scared (They might read this. Oh NO!!!!) but there are some who I talked to especially with the advice and teachings and all. Being a teacher is a noble profession, cause you teach students who will be professionals in the future and once in their life you were a part of it cause you molded their minds and teach them how to be where they are now. Even it is their job to teach, it is such noble thing to do for me:)

Well enough for my speech and I have a problem set to finish. Talk to you tomorrow. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Photos by Deo Villas

xo, Blairful!

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