What A Girl Wants


So I’ve been catching up on my favorite TV series before I start reviewing for my final exam and thought I could relate my title post on a song that which particularly my favorite when I was a youngster. I knew way back then that Cristina Aguilera and Britney Spears will have a bright career and I guessed it right, my two favorite pop singers way back 90’s-20’s. I had my room covered with posters of them, and they’re latest album on my cassette tape and later on became a cd player. I always asked my dad to buy me the albums of my favorite artist and even the entire collection of they’re karaoke. Living in 90’s was cool, cause I had a great experience with my childhood singing career well sort of! when I started to sing at school and in church, but I focused on my dancing abilities which I enjoyed the most.

But now back in 2012, the music genre and dance moves evolve so much. Way back my grade school we danced smooth criminal but now it’s on a “Gangnam Style” and “Dougie” moves. As well as my beloved fashion evolves like the music scene, but what good about fashion that it keeps on repeating what was used to be popular before but evolved with time. 80’s and 90’s peg are so much hit this past years, but not in keeps on evolving and with much more cool style. I wish I evolved too, my casual style is just a top and jeans but now I like to have it more colors and print. Though it’s not a fashion scene stealer, it does have an edge than a too casual look. What a girl wants, she does get it. I can prove this statement when I’m inside a mall, even if I didn’t plan to buy something but when I saw a nice pair of shoes or clothes I’ll keep on asking myself whether should I or not buy it then I end up spending all the money that is inside my purse. Talk about impulsive shopper. But I do usually do it when I have extra money back home so I won’t feel too bad when I got home, but the problem is I keep on arguing myself that I rather bought the other pair or color of a clothe when I already purchased it. If you ask my friends they will agree with me, cause they are the one who I argue with my purchase and they get irritated with the fact that I can’t moved on that quick.

Now here’s my outfit for what a girl wants blog post:)

Everyone wants to have everything in life, boys or girls we wanted every good thing in life and we want to happen get it all at once. But did we asked ourselves, is that what we really need to do? Time is such a precious thing, and we need to be able to do what’s our purpose is. I love shoes, bags and clothes and every shopping mall is like a happy place for me where I could stay forever. But sometimes we need to ask ourselves, our we doing the thinking what is necessary? We need to set boundaries between wants and desires, the most needed and the not so so. I recently bought a shoe and keep on asking myself where will I wear it and do I need it and my head is like arguing between buying them or not but I went to the store like every visit in a mall and keep on trying that pair. When I got it, I feel the satisfaction but on the other side theres a little bit pinch of question, do I needed them? Or I just need to satisfy my inner self.Just like this skirt that I am wearing I bought them without any occasion or for a purpose, I honestly only wear them here on my blog and after it I don’t know where to use it. Most probably I’ll just use it for an another outfit post, but hey I know at least for a time we need to splurge and treat ourselves for the sacrifices and things we made. But we need to have a balance between what we needed and what we wanted, cause not all things that we want we can have it. Maybe in the future where we can afford to buy everything we want but we also need to give back to those who can’t afford to eat at least 3 times a day. Would we rather buy clothes and shoes that aren’t needed particularly on our daily basis than to give meals to those who are starving. Everyday, I see street children and I always think about what they feel and think. I wanted to help them, but sometimes kids who got money just buy it not for food but the vices that is scattered on the streets. Giving them food is much better than money, so at least they will eat it rather than buy some nonsense things. If they can afford to buy vices and we buy what we wanted and we are so much alike.Β |Payless Flower Ring||Bazaar Rings and Bracelets|
|SM Hypermart Top||Sm GTW Skirt||Primadonna Shoes|My point is that, everybody wants to do their own thing. We neglected the fact that our lives is just borrowed and in a single snapit might be taken away from us. We need to find time to prioritize what is needed most and what is not. The necessity vs leisure, like my studies would I rather blog everyday than to study for my final exam. Honestly my answer is 50-50 but my studies is important than this, even though it’s my hobby to write about my daily outfit and my story each and everyday. Let’s take one step at a time, after all the hard work that I put on my studies will be fruitful when I graduate right? And when that time comes, I’ll surely have much time to blog:) Β At least for now we have the time to do our own thing, we should do the right thing too. Let’s ask what is GOD’s will for us, so we will have a direction where we needed to be. I know this post became a diary/poet but that’s how I feel right now and I want to share it each and everyone cause maybe we think alike or you can feel where I’m coming from too. What a writing to start off the week, it’s the first day of final exam for me and wish me luck. Happy Monday to you all:)

Not everything a girl wants is what she needs.

Photos by Deo Villas

xo, Blairful!

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