With or Without You


I know my title sounds like a controversy, but I’m just talking about my accessories. Sometimes I tend to pose without wearing my accessories, cause sometimes I’m a little conscious when people stare at me as if I’m a walking bazaar. I don’t know why I’m such an observant especially when I’m the one whose been a subject of their rolling eyes. I tend to ask my companions if my lipstick is not equal or, if my hair is a mess or my look is not okay, I always get curious why they look at me like I’m a celebrity ( I wish I am. LOL ). I need to be used with it especially that I blog my everyday outfit and I have to pose in a public place, I can’t explain to them why I need to shot different poses with my outfit but it’s who I am and I don’t need to explain every detail of it. That’s the problem in many of us, we tend to over look things that beyond us, just like me I am anxious about what people think of me especially when they look at me suspiciously, but hey it’s not my business anymore, I just need to do my thing and minding them isn’t my job. It’s who we are and we don’t have to broadcast to each and everyone who we are, if they can’t accept the fact that I love vanity shots well it isn’t my problem anymore.

But today I realize, it’s not only what we want to do that is important, even though it’s “our thing” doesn’t mean its necessary. We need to prioritize our goal in life not only what we want but our purpose why we are living here. Just like my accessories, my outfit look fine even though I don’t wear necklace, bangles, earrings and head-piece. I want to share to everyone that we need to ask ourselves what’s the real deal of our lives, do we need to be rich and popular just because it’s essential nowadays or do we need to feed our soul with the true words that is written in the bible? I know it’s a little deep but time isn’t ours so we need to prioritize whats really important not only for ourselves but also for our soul, we can still live even though we don’t have all the money in this world or without the technology that feeds us nowadays. Time is the most essential and important thing of them all so why waste time to non sense things if you can just do what really is needed. I know it’s a long story already but I want to share my thoughts about what I heard during the mass. Back to my fashion related post, here’s my second outfit during our trip with my friends in a happy place:)

|Seventeen Dress||Primadonna Shoes|
Photos of me without accessories, I just love the background thats why I pose even though I’m not prepared. It looks fine even without accessorizing much.
What do you like, with or without accessories?

Thats it, my outfit for the day. I hope you get my point of what I said earlier, I know blogging isn’t the most important thing for me but it’s my hobby and it’s one thing that makes me happy:) But I cannot do everything that I want cause it’s the necessary thing to do, at least I can update each and everyday:) Have a good day folks.

xo, Blairful!

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