Blairful @ 22


Today I’m about to share how did I spend my 22nd birthday. When I was kid I always want to celebrate my birthday and for me a year is way to long, but now I think every year is just like every month. The days are passing by so quickly, and you don’t know your on your thirties in just a snap! (hahaha). But lets rewind and savior each year that is been added to our life. I’m so grateful for another that has been given to me, most specially the blessings that I’ve receive. First and for most I want to thank our loving Creator who is there every second of our lives, to my family, friends and you.

This how it started: I have a class that morning and we tested the concrete that we made in our construction and materials  laboratory, the specimen were tested if it can be used in construction.


Then after the testing we made another specimen which is the rectangular beam. Mixing sand, gravel and cement all at once.


Ten right after the construction, I was able to have my outfit shot. Thankfully I have eaten my late lunch before this photo was taken cause we are tired creating the concrete. See I have the energy to do some stunts for my outfit shot. haha


An lastly after class me and my friends headed our way to Nuvali to celebrate my birthday. I’ve never been to Nuvali, and I was so happy that I was able to go. And because the view was nice, I brought some clothes for me to have my outfit shots taken:)


We enjoyed the view and especially the fishes. Too bad we didn’t ride the boat cause we arrived late. But we still had a great time.


Because it was too cold, I wore my blazer. This is how I look after a good meal. Busog! Outfit shot with my slippers on. I would like to thank my friends for going with me and celebrating my birthday at Nuvali. I really had a great time, there was a lot of nice store/shops there. Another year has been added to my life, and another mission to find what really is GOD wanted for my life. Hope you liked my story today. Happy thursday:)

xo, Blairul!

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