I’m back from my hibernation from social media and other interesting stuffs. I just locked up myself at the library this past few days and still doesn’t change anything, I think I have a short-term memory or memory lost. Cause the moment I learned something then a few minutes I can’t do it again. WWwaaaaahhh! I think I need to take memo plus gold! (hahahaha) I’m having a hard time with one of my major subject, and I’ve been avoiding my laptop and gadgets for a while but nothing change, I can’t still get it! Whats happening to me??!! It’s ironic because the only subject that I had a hard time to analyze and learn the principle, and I paid attention for it like it was just my only subject this term, Oh well while I’m trying to figure out how to cope on my short-term memory about my subject/s, I’ve found another spot where I could have my outfit posts taken. I never knew that area has existed on the campus, good thing about having my outfit posts taken inside the campus is that I was able to explore every corner of the university.

Just like in life we have so many unnoticed things, and we just remember it when it has already passed or gone. We have so many time wasted in such unimportant stuffs, and we forget about the specific things we need to focus with. I honestly believe that every moment in our life we should do everything we can, so we will not regret it when it’s too late. I myself have regrets, but instead of reminiscing every mistakes that I made I make it a point to do things right so I’ll be able to correct my mistakes. Aside from my the library, I go to the chapel too to feed my spiritual life. And one of the gospel was about St. Augustin, he himself made some sins but though he was a sinner he was able to find what the true meaning of his life was all about. The main point of this is that, we can change even we made some mistakes and use those mistakes as a key to know what GOD wanted our life to be.

So here’s my unnoticed background:)

|Landmark Top||Terranova Pants||Primadonna Shoes||Divisoria Bangles||SM Accessories Sunnies|

Though my title was about unnoticed, my pimples were very visible that you will notice it quickly. haha

This was really my look the entire day, messed up hair, my reliable toms and kurdoroy jacket so I won’t violate campus dress code.  So there you go, my outfit post for the day! Hope I was able to inspire some of you and please don’t forget that GOD always wants the best for us:) Have a good day. Spare some of your time to read the bible:)

Please hype this look at LOOKBOOK and CHICTOPIA

xo, Blairful!

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