As stated on my title, I’m about to tell why I’m not comfortable about wearing skirt/shorts and sleeveless. I have lots of imperfections, I admit that I don’t have long and very model-ish legs, I was born to have big legs as a matter of fact my legs aren’t flawless. I was a normal kid back then, and I used to play outside our house almost everyday, at a young age I wasn’t able to protect myself that up to now I regret being so careless cause the marks will be there forever. I wear skirts and shorts at home but I often wear them when going outside cause I’m insecure about my not so flawless and fair legs. The thing about wearing sleeveless is that, I have big arms and they are the first one that goes big when I’m gaining weight. I really don’t know why but my face and my arms are the first one who gets bigger when I put some weight, maybe because it’s in my genes or I got it to my father’s side cause most of my aunt’s have big body built. I know we do all have imperfections, and no one on earth is perfect at all. But I hope someday I’ll be able lessen my insecurities and remove them all one at a time.

For the mean time, please pardon my not so beautiful legs while I try to amend some things to make them look better. Here is my outfit for a movie night with some of my friends.

Photo with soon to be car. Chos! One day i’ll have a car like this too. hehe
|Sunnies SM Accessories||Watch Roxy|

|Top Bread & Butter||Skirt SM Department Store||Shoes Artwork||Bag Impulse Co|

I wouldn’t have outfit shots without my friends, they are the only one who patiently takes my outfit photos and if we don’t have errands to do I’ll not be able to wear my outfits. I’m trying to have a blog entry at least one a day but sometimes I don’t have back logs and no time for outfit shots. It’s so hard to wear outfits at school cause sometimes it’s too dressy and most of the time they say it’s so extravagant for a school day. But I don’t mind them, whatever style or outfit that I like I’ll wear it cause thats me:) Hope you like my outfit. Feel free to comment.

Photos by: Krishee Hayag and Tricia Costa 

Hype my look on Lookbook and Chictopia

xo, Blairful!

2 Responses to “Imperfections”
  1. dapperdolly says:

    Well done on feeling confident and courageous enough to wear an outfit outside of your comfort zone and then take pics and blog about it! I have the same problems, lots of imperfections on the skin, big arms and legs etc plus I lose and gain weight easily – gain it easier than lose it and can’t keep it off for long. I hate showing skin and prefer to be covered up but sometimes, on very rare occasions I manage it and manage to feel good/ok about myself. So I cam empathize with you. Congrats again, and yes, you do look great!


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