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Note: My fan girl mode is on! (hehehe)

I’m so happy to share with all of you my first Social Event that I went to, as for my previous blog post about Rajo for Parisian. As for the people who don’t know I won invites through blog give away of my favorite bloggers Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy. I was so surprised when Kryz Uy announced that I’m one of the winners ( I jump into my bed when I knew about it!), then my friend wanted to come too, so I joined another giveaway to have a chance to win a invite. Luckily I won again through Laureen Uy’s blog, but unfortunately my friend wasn’t able to come with me. In short I was all alone going to my first Major Event invitation.

But the night has it’s twist and turn, I came to SMDC showroom at around 6:00, and the place was so amazing. I’m stunned by the ambiance and the people around there, they are all dressed up and the waiters are very welcoming. Most of the people wore black and white, such as color basics. I think i’m too over colorful for that night ( Sorry i’m not well prepared!), anyway I feel so sad because i’m all alone drinking my iced tea. The set up was cocktail style, and there are so many press people and socialites. I only see these stuffs in tv and movies and now i’m one of the guests ( So cool right?). I thought i wouldn’t have a picture of myself throughout the night but suddenly two ladies approached me and talked to me, they noticed that I was all alone and they accompanied me throughout the event ( There are still Good Samaritans, i was so happy!).

She was one of the lady who approached me while I’m all alone. Thanks to her and to her sister for being my companion on the event and for taking my pictures (So bait nila!). She’s also a blogger who can check her siteΒ HERE, so you can see other photos of Rajo for Parisian.

Meet my new friend Maria Regina.

Meet our new friends, L-R Me, Jilliane, Kaze and Maria. We all won invites through blog give aways. Cool right?

While waiting for the event to start we indulge ourselves drinks and foods. They served a lot of iced tea, tequila sunrise, vodka, churiso, chicken barbecue, pastries and other pica-pica. Too bad i wasn’t able to take pictures of the foods cause were waiting for the bloggers to arrive ( As for me I’m expecting Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Laureen Uy to arrive!), but here are some pictures from Kaze’s Facebook.

Yummy Bizu Patisserie & Cakes

Overflowing iced tea throughout the event, the waiters kept on giving me drinks and foods.

And the wait is finally over not for the show to start but the bloggers and celebrities to show up! ( I’m a fan girl as always.)

With Raymond Gutierrez and Maxene Magalona.

With Kaze and Maxene Magalona

With my favorite and top blogger Laureen Uy, thanks to her I was able to go to the event. Laureen was stunning, it’s so nice to see her in person. I love her blog BreakMyStyle, i check it everyday. Plus she’s the owner of StyleBreak. You’re so gorgeous amethyst, payat pala nya in person. (hehehe)

With my favorite blogger Laureen Uy and my new friend Maria Regina

And heres a picture with another beautiful blogger and owner of Paradigma blog.

With Patricia Prieto, she's so nice and she's one of my favorite bloggers too. Super ganda and tangkad nya!

In here a picture of me with the brainchild of blog Scene Stealer.

With Lissa Kahayon, she's very fashionable. I also love her blog and her style.

Actually she was Regina’s girl crush and favorite blogger. I totally don’t know her that time (I’m so not updated!), but when we had picture she was so accommodating and friendly. She’s super bait as if we knew each other, then when i got home i quickly googled her and found out about her blog “A Shoe TaleΒ “, now she’s my favorite blogger of them all cause she’s super nice in person plus very pretty. She even replied, retweeted and favorite my tweets to her ( so bait talaga!). I love her style, very natural and so classy. Now i’m gonna add her blog to my everyday routine (reading blogs).

And lastly picture with Vern Enciso.

Thanks to these fabulous ladies who spiced up my night, and make my first ever event invite. And special thanks to Maria Regina for all the photos taken at Rajo for Parisian Launch.

The Launching of Rajo for Parisian was a great success. My first invite event was spectacular, now i’ve experienced events that i just seen on Gossip Girl and Television Shows but now is a reality. I super thank Maria Regina and her sister because of they wouldn’t approached me, my night will be just raw and boring and they are the reason why i have these pictures with the bloggers, celebrities and new friends. I wouldn’t have a blog entry like this if they weren’t there. Thanks a lot Pazzaro sisters, i hope we can hang out again on next events.

Now my fairytale dream came true, now i’m more determined to be a good and well known blogger because i’m inspired by the top bloggers.

Till next time!



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