Starbucks Planner 2012

Most people do love coffee right?

For me i do like cold coffee, in todays modern world most cold coffee are called frappuccino and the best significant thing about it is the whip cream on top of it. Sounds delicious right? Hhhmmmm

One of the famous coffee brands in the country is Starbucks, and every year most people do buy their coffee more often because they want to collect stickers for the highly anticipated Planner. Me myself got intrigued about this planner about my first year on college and everyone brag about it. So i often go to starbucks and buy their frappe because i do love cold coffee rather than the hot one.
Then i wanted to collect starbucks planner, so i collected stickers that can be got with every starbucks coffee purchase. I got my first planner last year, and now the 2012 Starbucks Planner is now available! Good news right?
It’s been a while since I drank my last starbucks coffee, it’s way back march this year and only today that i started drinking SB frappe again. Cause of the planner and i missed drinking starbucks coffee.

Here’s a sneak preview of this years planner, with it’s eco friendly theme the new starbucks planner has the ambiance of nature and very earthly. It comes with 5 different designs to choose from. Also i love the packaging cause it can be used as a pouch. This years planner is a little bit smaller than usual Starbucks planners.

Starbucks Planner 2012

It comes with this cute packaging

This is was my first time to visit the new Starbucks branch in Dasmarinas cavite and it looks awesome. And luckily my friend regina randomly won a Free Starbucks drink because she has the unique code in her reciept. “Sayang sya sana ang nauna sa pila para ako yung nakakuha. Chos!” the cashier told us that this is random and shes very lucky. Anyway we got our first sticker and 16 stickers to go! I ordered the new holiday flavor cranberry white chocolate mocha while rehg ordered chocolate chip frappe and a belgian waffle.



And the lucky winner is Regina my super friend


1 sticker down, 16 stickers to go!






And here are the Holiday Treats for this Christmas Season, These flavors belong to the limited edition flavors and the stickers that you need to collect in option 1 are 9 limited edition flavors and 8 regular flavors then the new option is for the stick to one buyers, who always buy the same thing every visit, they need to collect 23 stickers to get a planner. Let’s all collect stickers, so we can own an eco-friendly Starbucks Planner 2012.

Enjoy your Starbucks coffee

And be one of the owner of these limited 2012 Starbucks Planner.


10 Responses to “Starbucks Planner 2012”
  1. says:

    hi i just wanna ask if i can buy the planner? without having to buy the drinks? 🙂


    • blairful says:

      nope, some folks buy on ebay and other sites like multipy but they cost way more expensive than buying a starbucks drink. I suggest you collect stickers instead, so you’ll splurge with a planner and you earned it while enjoying your frappe or coffee. hope that helps.


  2. Honey, let me give you some unsolicited constructive criticism. Your blog looks really nice but your grammar needs some work. Some sentences are very difficult to understand. If you’re uncomfortable using English or find it a bit challenging to articulate your thoughts, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using Filipino. However, if you really want to cater to a foreign audience, I highly suggest brushing up on subject-verb agreement, pluralization, and sentence-construction rules.


    • blairful says:

      thanks for feedback, i’m not very good in constructing english thoughts nor words though i’m trying to learn more and even make it better. Sorry if you find it difficult to understand my grammar, i’m still learning and i’m practicing through this blog. I understand where are you coming from, compare to other blogs, mine is way too far from them cause i’m an amateur blogger and actually it’s just a hobby and expressing my thoughts is my only intention. Thank you again for your honest feedback, this will make me more persevere in being a good blogger.


  3. Jegs Certeza says:

    hi you may be interested in 2012 starbucks korea planners..believe me its cheaper than drinking all those coffees 🙂

    see more here:


  4. Bong says:

    Hi there
    how much is a planner being sold in the Philipines? Was searching online and it cost 30USD on eBay.
    perhaps we could correspond more privately through my email address? 😀


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