The Fierce Wife

Some of you may not know about the taiwanese drama entitled “The Fierce Wife”, it’s currently airing at ABS-CBN Chanel 2. It’s a story about a husband who has been disloyal to his family, he fell in love with his wife’s cousin and and cheated his wife cause he pursue his love affair. He sacrificed his perfect family just for his love for his wife’s cousin, and ruined his reputation as a Manager and candidacy for vice president of a company. He abandoned his wife and child, for the sake of his own happiness. It ended up to divorce their marriage, that’s the time that the wife lost everything cause she is a good and perfect housewife. Sooner or later, the wife realized that their is a world ahead of her, she change her appearance, she find a job and changed her attitude. The wife became successful and well known because of her courage and she showed her husband that she can be a successful person and as a mother. After years go by the husband realized what he did and asked for another chance, but his wife didn’t agree and they just became friends.

The moral lesson of this story was about loving yourself and being true with yourself, cause Kristine the wife become more focus on her family and neglected her own happiness. Then being true to yourself because Louie the husband, hid his own personality so that he will be on a safe place so that he will not get hurt but later he realize his not happy with it, so when the time comes that he wants to pursue his own happiness, he neglected the fact that he has responsibility for his family.

The casts of this Family Drama are:

Sonia Sui as Kristine

Chris Wang as Mr. Han

Amanda Zhu as Mean

Wen Sheng Hao as Louie

My mom, nanny and me were so hooked about this taiwanese drama, we watched it until dawn and we even argue about the happenings in the drama. We feel sorry for kristine and were all so noisy watching cause were murmuring about the scenes. Lol. Catch The Fierce Wife on ABS-CBN Mon-Fri, 2:30-3:00 pm.

I love this drama, I hope it will come into reality cause it hurts too much when you love someone and you’ll discover that he didn’t love you at all.



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