My Adorable Dogs

Since I was a kid I fonded about puppies and dogs. So ever since I always have a pet puppy, but they don’t seem to last long cause they die so early. And i was so sad because i can’t make my puppies live longer, i thought i wasn’t lucky to raise puppies. But i didn’t gave up and continue to have raise puppies. Then my friend ask for a favor to raise her puppy cause her mom doesn’t like pets at home, and that puppy evolved and became a dog, the name of he dog was zoey but she died when were about to graduate in high school way back 2007. But didn’t stop me from loving and wanting to have a pet, I describe myself as a dog lover cause every dog makes my heart smile.

In my 1st year in college, my mom gave me a puppy as a birthday gift. It was a crossbreed of Pomeranian and puddle, my sister bought it at marikina. I was so happy that time, and I was so excited to see my new pet. My sister and I chatted at Skype just to show my new puppy, I named him Haivey he was a male pup. His birthday was April, but i don’t know the exact date but it was on year 2008.

   While raising haivey I noticed that he is a “byahilo” puppy, cause everytime we bring him to other place he alway vomits and his not comfortable riding in a car. Even going to the veterinary that is very near from our place, he vomits inside the car. I remember when we brought him to the airport to fetch my father, haivey vomit at the car while we are in the parking lot. I asked the vet about this thing, and they said some dogs are not comfortable traveling. Poor haivey he can’t go with us while we travel.

Haivey is very energetic, when his inside the house he will run all over the house. His sweet even though his not very obedient and sometimes does not listen to my instructions. But since haivey was my first breed puppy, i assure that he will last long. We stroll everyday inside the village, we would run and walk. He likes to run and he is very fast runner, when he got off his leash he run so fast circling in the street then i got him. He returned when I shouted his name, his so cute.

Now haivey is 3 year and 4 months old, his very strong and always barks at people he doesn’t know. His kind and very lovable. When I come home he always barks at me cause he wants me to touch him and cuddle him. He also know when we come home from traveling, he knows the sound of our car. My dad spoils haivey with dog biscuits, dad never forgets to buy some biscuits and tethers for him. Haivey is part of our family. He brings joy to our family, also his a stress relief. Some says that having pet dogs lessen people’s stress. And for me it’s true cause when i’m with them, my stress flew off.


When I turned 18 i have another puppy. My best friend krishee gave me a puppy as a gift for my debut. I remember at my 18th birthday party, there was a big cage with a big ribbon. Then my nephews untangled the ribbon, and a cute little puppy running at the party. Then i found out it was a gift for me. My best friend bought it online, she planned to gave me a lhasa apso cause i wanted to have a fury puppy like shih tzu and i like the one who has a long hair puppy. I was so happy and surprised cause my wis came true.

I named my new pet as blairy, her name was inspired by blair waldorf of Gossip Girl. Blairy is a female lhasa apso, she has black grayish and white fur. She was born June 12, 2008 (Independence Day). I fell in love with her at the moment I first saw her, i wanted to have a fury puppy cause i wanted to brush her long hair and I can accessorize her hair. Blairy is a very sweet puppy, when she enter inside our house she will surely jump onto the sofa. I’ll admit that blairy is a lazy puppy, she always wants to lie down. Even we stroll around the village, she will lie down on the road and I need to grab her just to make her walk again. Blairy is not like haivey that always barks at people, and blairy is not scared with big dogs but on the contrary she’s afraid of her own breed. We have a neighbor who has a dog same alike with blairy, and that dog likes blairy. She always visits blairy, that dog always escape from their house and the nanny will figure out that their dog will come into our house. Blairy is frighten at our neighbors dog, i don’t know why but for me it is cute. (Puppy love) hehehe.

Blairy is now 3 year and 2 months old. She is used to traveling, unlike haivey. Blairy goes with us at the mall, park and anywhere else. But i’m sad for haivey cause his jealous of blairy that always with us and haivey can’t cause of his “byahilo” thing. Blairy is very adorable, everywhere we go people admire her sometimes they thought she was a stuff toy cause there was a time that we brought her at Mall of Asia and carried her with over the shoulder dog holder and she was very quite while a pick up clothes at a boutique so the child noticed her and touched her that’s the time that they noticed that she was real. Blairy is high maintenance than haivey cause blairy needs to be groomed cause of her hair unlike haivey that has very simple to groom, just brush his hair and done. We usually bring blairy at the grooming parlor, so she will look nice.


I  love my dogs, I also want to have a chihuahua and yorkshire terrier. My dad want toy dogs rather than big dogs cause toy dogs are much smaller and they are easy to handle. But i also love siberian husky cause of it’s nice fur and colorful eyes. Everytime i saw dogs or puppies i feel so happy, i love dogs cause they are stress relief and very sweet. They can also be your friend and they also feel what you feel. There was a time that i feel so sad and my dogs sounded like they’re crying too and they will come beside me and will caress me as if they were comforting me, this feeling makes me love them more.

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  1. your dogs are adorable…i hope they live a long and healthy lif….

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