My Havaianas Collection

I never heard about havaianas before but when I entered college everyone was wearing one and it is the number one brand of slippers that is banned in school. I started collecting havaianas since I was in 1st year college, i saved my allowance from school and promised myself to buy a pair.

My first pair was bought at Rustan’s ATC cause i couldn’t choose a pair at all flip flops that time. The design was a slim white sole with flowery motif  and slim gold strap. Now it has a slight cut in the side of the strap, but it can be still worn and the cut didn’t got worst.

My second pair was my gift to myself for Christmas 2007, i bought it at All flip flops ATC. The design was simple, a silver metallic top. Worth around P795.

My third pair was bought by my mom, we shopped at All flip flops ATC and saw the cute new design. It was called flash ethnics, it’s like a sandals. And the design was very limited, got lucky to have a pair and i can use it at school. It’s around P995 that time.

Then my addiction to havaianas grew, i found out that there are limited edition and rare pairs that are not sold on stores locally and it is imported from other countries. That was the time that i started buying pairs online and eager to collect rare and limited edition havaianas. I started to use the social networking site of multiply cause it is a online shopping site where you can everything that you need, some of the pairs sold online were old designs that are faced out already in the stores and the limited collections of famous people, brands and some are collaboration from companies or celebrations. The good thing about online shopping is that you can have more friends and if you buy regularly they give discounts, buying online makes you more patient because the items will be yours around a week or month, it depends if the pair is on hand or pre order and will be bought outside the country. The price depends on the design, if it is a rare pair it is much more expensive than other pair and the old designs range from P1,000-P1,500 and more likely the same with the mall price. Plus shipping fee will be added, for delivering your pair to your doorstep, most of my pairs were shipped through air 21, jrs express and lbc. The price for shipping range from P100-P200, it depends on your location. These are my pairs bought through online shopping.


My most expensive pair was the heartache design, it was bought from australia and it cost about P2,500. It is not sold locally and only sold at australia. Until now i didn’t wore this pair, cause it’s too expensive maybe thats why i can’t put my feet on this pair. (Laughs). I have also the limited edition pair of famous make up artists collaboration with havaianas, i got the Trish Mcevoy pair. It was bought at Saks and 5th US, i love the packaging cause it is so cute.

Most of my pairs was bought through my allowance, some were gifts, or bought by my mom. I usually shop my pairs at All Flip Flops ATC branch cause it’s the most near place from our house.

Every year in celebration with Philippines independence day, Havaianas makes a limited edition pair. Designs differ every year, it depends on the theme each year.

Havaianas Filipinas 2009

Havaianas Filipinas 2010

This years Havaianas Filipinas theme is all about Philippines, because we are celebrating the 113th year of Philippine independence day havaianas made the designs of the 3 regions in the country. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. I got the yellow one which is luzon, this is my recent purchase and my 21th pair.

Havaianas Filipinas 2011

Every year Havaianas has a “Make your own Havaianas” event, it is held at Rockwell Tent. Last year 2010, it was the 5th year of MYOH (Make your own Havaianas). I went on the first day and failed to create my pair cause i arrived around 6 pm and the lines were too long so they closed the line because they can’t accommodate customers at that time. So i went back, i arrived at Rockwell around 7 a.m and the line was not that long and i was able to enter the tent when they opened 10 a.m. I customized 3 pairs, 2 limited edition sole with colors black and white with neon orange and purple jelly strap. The other pair was a top yellow sole with neon green strap, my pairs were embellished with pins.

This years MYOH 2011 was around the world theme, the pins were the landmarks and trademarks of different countries. I customized a pair with MYOH estampas slim with pink slim logo strap and embellished with different pins.

Here are the storage of my Havaianas Collection. Before it was hung at the back of my door, i bought the hanging thing at ace hardware it’s like the display in the malls. Now i hung it on the wall cause some of my pairs doesn’t fit anymore, my mom will be adding a set of hanging furniture for my havaianas.

My collection will continue to grow, and collecting limited edition pairs are investments cause in time the price of these pairs will increase and you can sell them if your not collecting anymore. Cheers to havaianas! I’m a certified havaianotico:) You can donate your pairs to me (Laughs).

6 Responses to “My Havaianas Collection”
  1. Shevon says:

    How many do u have in total?


    • blairful says:

      I have 27 pairs right now:)


      • Shevon says:

        When my next shipment comes in, I’ll beat u.. ha haaa.. closer to 30. We just had a MYOH in singapore.. got my latest there.. Waiting for another shipment of 4 pairs.. Do u use braziliano praia flips flops as well?


      • blairful says:

        Wow! I wasn’t able to continue my collection cause i’m collecting shoes instead. But my new pairs are limited edition here in the philippines, The UAAP X Havaianas and Havaianas Filipinas. So happy to meet a havaianatico here in my blog. I have crocs, ipanema, grendha and roxy flip flops too, but haven’t heard about Brazaliano Praia flip flops yet. Do you live in SG?


  2. Shevon says:

    Yeah.. I live in SG.. Braz Praia is nice too.. try googleling it.. to me the nicest pair out of your collection is the one with back and white stripes on the sole and pink thong.. add me on FB.. Look for Shevon Perera with a steave jobs photo as my profile pic…


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